Edward Coe

Eddie Coe, international healing evangelist, grew up in Perth, Western Australia. From early in his life, he was passionate about politics, and became a wool classer at the age of 17 and worked in the shearing sheds for 22 years.  Eddies life filled was filled with alcoholism and gambling, but at the age of 19 a man witnessed to him in the shearing sheds.  Eddie would sit down drinking, as this guy would preach to him and the seed was sown into Eddie's life.

Eddie yielded to the call on his life and became a Christian on the 20th January 1991.

From the start of his new life in Christ, God moved powerfully and he started preaching 8 months after he was saved. He had a tract ministry, 3 months after he was saved.

The thing that disillusioned Eddie the most was that they were seeing the power of God, people falling over, but there never seemed to be much change in their lives and seeing so many sick people in the church.

Eddie started to study the healing ministry and started to take Jesus at His word, that if He said you go and heal, that’s what you do - Go and heal.

He has preached and taken the healing power of God into 17 countries around the world and seen many moves of God, many people healed and delivered by the power of Jesus.

The supernatural power of God is demonstrated in his meetings, and many with the worst illnesses and conditions leave changed and whole.

Heather Anne Coe, worship leader and revivalist, teams up with Eddie for powerful meetings where the Presence and Power of God collide and they see many set free and healed through the anointing on their lives. 

Heather has recorded her first album last year that has gone national with a recording company. "Revelation: Songs from the Throneroom" is a project that was birthed out of intimate time with God where the fire of God burned in her. Many have reported being healed by listening to her music. She carries a breakthrough and  prophetic anointing that captures the Presence of God.

She and Eddie make a great team and together they press into their purpose and see great results!

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